There are a lot of internet marketing gurus out there, may of whom have created internet or affiliate marketing courses. Some of those are current, some new and some are simply out of date or have been pulled by their creators.

WordPress has become the de-facto platform for building websites and doing affiliate marketing with over recent years. So any training course worth its salt will cover how to use WordPress as the core of your sitebuilding business. They won’t provide WordPress training videos, as they can be got elsewhere (try the image link at the top of the sidebar on this site for those).

Over the years, I’ve bought quite a few marketing courses, and have built a small list of experts whom I’ve come to trust in the quality of materials they provide, concern for their customers and who provide valuable on on going support regardless of your level of experience.

Below are what are the Top 3 affiliate marketing courses available today. You only need one of them. So decide which one best suits you and then put all your attention and focus into making that course work for you.

We all get tons of emails each day telling us about the next great tool, plugin, theme, or course that we can’t do without. If you let all that noise influence you, you’ll constantly be distracted and you won’t achieve success. Focus only on what the course has to teach you and stick with it. There are no quick solutions to making money online despite what you may have heard.

1. Profit Marketer (Mike Johnson)

Profit Marketer is a complete system – members get access to premium WordPress plugins and themes and cloned blog installs that have you up and running in minutes. Mike provides detailed training in video format (constantly updated) on why you should use certain WordPress plugins, what settings to use, how to plan your online business, the right way to build out your blogs and how to promote them in the 2013 internet marketing landscape.

You also get access to Niche.FM (which was once separately available as “NicheReaper”) – a tool that pre-researches keywords and niches daily. All you do is search for niches or keywords in its database and see if it’s likely to be profitable or not (all the numbers have been crunched already so you don’t need to use other research tools).

New premium themes and plugins are also added regularly to the membership. These can only be used to build your own sites. While you can’t sell/flip blogs you build with those themes and plugins (you’d have to remove them before handover), you can buy a Developer license which allows you create sites for clients.

There’s a more extensive review here.

Price: $29 per month

2. Forever Affiliate (Andrew Hansen)

Many things have changed in the last year with regards to how you build blogs and backlinks to them. Andrew Hansen released the Forever Affiliate course just a couple of weeks ago. The course consists of 60 videos broken into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Doing Initial Research – this looks at niche and product research and testing. It details your core analysis funnel, how to prove market viability, and how to feed stuff into your funnel to find as many profitable market segments as possible, as quickly as possible.
  • Phase 2 – Testing & Validation – covers building your affiliate sites and starting to promote them. It discusses content, layout, appearance, early search strategy and more.
  • Phase 3 – Expansion – this is where you get into hardcore traffic generation and SEO strategies – link building strategies, ongoing content strategies, expansion into markets, and scaling for maximum profits.

This course is more about building product-based mini-niche sites and then creating an authority site in a profitable niche once you find one. Finding profitable products can be very hit or miss but this course provides methods and strategies for evaluating a product’s profitablity so you don’t have to waste time building a site for something that might be a waste of time and resources. There’s no guarantee the products you choose will end up earning you money, but they’ll be much more likely to be profitable than if you take a try-it-and-see approach.

Various methods of site promotion are covered in Phase 2. There are reasons why Andrew builds links the way he describes, so there is a concrete plan behind this phase. His strategies are a bit different to Mike Johnson’s but there isn’t one true way to go about building backlinks.

There is a one-time-offer (OTO) for a Coaching Mastermind course after you buy Forever Affiliate. And it’s expensive at $497. But with this Andrew gives you one-on-one additional training, provides extra techniques and strategies and gives you access to the resources he personally uses to build his own sites. In addition, he has committed to helping all Coaching Mastermind members to reach an income of $1,000 per month. Only 300 spots are available and it’s likely that by the time you’re reading this, they’ll be gone.

Read a more extensive review here.

Price: $97 (one-time payment)

3. Bring The Fresh (Kelly Felix and Mike Long)

Kelly Felix used to be known as “The Rich Jerk”, an obnoxious Internet Marketing personality who provided a course on how to get rich online. But it was just a character he created and he’s back now minus the obnoxious persona (he’s just a regular, and very accessible guy to BTF members). Mike Long is another veteran marketer (co-founder of Stompernet) they have around 150 websites and they’ve survived the latest Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates which goes to show that what they teach actually works.

Bring The Fresh is an online course comprised mostly of video training though there are some PDF materials as well. It’s a blueprint for how to build and promote websites (mainly WordPress sites).

The video training takes you through all aspects of:

  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Building a list
  • Making money with videos
  • There’s a look at Launch Jacking – a separate course created by a BTF member to cash in on the numerous product launches that take place
  • They build a new site before your eyes (which is now making a few hundred dollars each month!)
  • How to create backlinks
  • And they take a look at the Penguin update and what it means

These aren’t scripted videos, but recorded off-the-cuff so they’re more like watching a video call from a friend. They are long and detailed (perhaps a bit too long).

Training has been updated for 2013.

There’s a very active forum and community of members. These are incredibly helpful folks who will go out of their way to answer any questions you may have. This includes both Kelly and Mike who will chip in answers – they’re very hands-on and active in the forum.

There is an optional higher priced part of Bring The Fresh called Full Disclosure which costs $66 per month for 6 months. This goes into more depth and detail about various aspects of affiliate marketing.

Members can have sites built for them – that includes all research to select a niche and keywords, content written for the site, the blog built and populated with the content and the blog then promoted (backlinks built for it). These are not cheap though ay $997. Originally these were available for $197, then $297 so now they’re out of range for all but the deepest pockets.

A more detailed review of the course can be found here.

Price: $94 ($7 up front so you can try it out for 7 days, then you’re billed for the final $87)
OTO (Full Disclosure course): $396 (paid as $66 per month for 6 months)


So those are the Top 3 courses (I own all of them). Each his its own way of approaching affiliate marketing but each course has training videos and strategies that are up-top-date for the 2013 landscape.

All are excellent courses. So pick the one that suits you and follow it through. Most affiliate marketers fail because they get distracted by other things and never actually finish any one thing. And they wonder why this “affiliate marketing thing” never works for them. You need focus and determination to succeed, so get stuck in and hammer away at it until you see success.

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